About us


CreMonte is a protected trademark/brand, labeled on the high quality products, created to satisfy all the demands of the market, as well as the desires and needs of consumers.

The latest technology, as well as the technological production process, makes it possible to preserve all the nutritional ingredients of carefully selected natural raw materials which are used to produce these unique products.

High-quality and safe confectionery CreMonte products are made with the use of all standards, principles and codes of practice in the food industry, including the use of both HACCP and IFS system for food safety.

Inspirational design of CreMonte products, unique recipes, highest quality, and distinctive flavors of chocolate, hazelnut and milk will satisfy the most demanding users. The satisfaction of our consumers is not based only on taste, but also on high nutritive quality of our products

Only for you we have created products we are proud of, that will make your moments special and unforgettable and, undoubtedly, satisfy all your senses.

Leads you to the seventh heaven...